Dental Veneers in Shyam nagar


Dental Veneers in Shyam Nagar


Even a minor cosmetic imperfection in the smile can have a major impact on your appearance and self-confidence. Veneers offer a fast and effective way to conceal these imperfections, enhance the look of your smile, and boost your self-esteem. Veneers are thin, all-ceramic shells that are bonded to the front surface of a tooth to create a beautiful, yet natural-looking smile in as few as two visits. They can conceal chips, cracks, stains, wide spacing, minor misalignment, and more. Each veneer is custom-made in a dental laboratory to match your natural teeth.

The porcelain veneer process is one of the most famous cosmetic dentistry treatments which is almost painless. Individually crafted for each patient, these cosmetic enhancements are made from an advanced material that closely resembles the appearance of natural dental enamel.


Preparing the Teeth

When patients select traditional veneers, the preparation process is extremely important. Proper groundwork helps to ensure a natural look and a strong bond between the teeth and the porcelain.

The Removal of Enamel

First, the dentist removes a fine layer of enamel from the front of the teeth to be treated. The exact amount of enamel depends on the patient's individual needs and the type of veneers being placed.

Dental Impressions

When this first step is complete, the dentist takes impressions of the teeth. He will do this by placing soft putty into a tray. As the tray rests in the mouth, it hardens around the teeth. Then the dentist sends these impressions to an off-site dental lab.

Temporary Veneers

If a dentist works with an off-site lab, it typically takes one to a few days before the veneers are delivered to the office. In these cases, the dentist may provide patients with a set of temporary veneers. Sometimes, patients are troubled by the appearance of their smile following the enamel removal. More often, dentists place temporary veneers to protect the underlying dentin and prevent sensitivity. Usually, they determine whether temporary veneers are necessary, based on the amount of enamel removed.

Placing the Veneers

When the veneers are complete, the dentist double checks their shape and appearance. In particular, he or she makes certain that the porcelain does not affect the patient's bite or cause any alignment issues. If necessary, he or she can trim down and reshape the porcelain. The dentist also checks the colour of the veneers against the natural shade of the patient's smile. Although veneers are already made of custom-matched porcelain, the dentist can often fine-tune their appearance by selecting the right shade of bonding material. During this assessment process, patients should work closely with their dental practitioners to ensure their desired outcome.

Etching the Tooth

Immediately before placing veneers, the dentist applies an acid gel to the teeth. The gel dissolves some of the minerals on the surface of the teeth, creating a rough surface on the microscopic level. Then he or she coats the teeth in a bonding agent, and the solution adheres inside the tiny fissures on their surface. This process creates a strong base for the porcelain veneers.

Cementing the Veneers

Finally, the dentist spreads dental cement on the back of the veneers and affixes the porcelain on the front of the teeth. As stated above, the colour of cement is specifically chosen to coordinate with the veneers and match the natural colour of a patient's smile. After applying a gentle force to set the porcelain in place, the dentist uses a curing light to harden the cement. The light stimulates a chemical reaction in the bonding agent, causing the cement to set in a matter of minutes.

Procedure Advantages

Veneers can correct surface flaws such as chips and cracks. As mentioned above, they can also conceal dark tetracycline stains, which cannot be treated with traditional teeth whitening procedures. Veneers can also change the shape of teeth, often making these enhancements an ideal solution for patients with proportionately small, worn, irregularly shaped, or pointed teeth.


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